Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Spotlight On: Custom Vinylmation Artist Anna Sheppard

We always invite artists to share their work with us. When I logged onto Facebook one morning, there was a brand new Davy Jones custom posted on the DV page. We just had to contact the artist. Davy Jones was the handy work of Anna Sheppard from Staten Island, New York. Together with her husband, she heads up Murderous Toyz, a family based business dealing with the customization of vinyl toys and other art mediums.

Destination Vinylmation: Besides Vinylmation, what other art forms are you into? 
Anna Sheppard: I enjoy many different forms of art. Besides sculpting and painting, I have a true love for photography and capturing stories through the lens of a camera. It's an enjoyable art form to tell a non vocal story by freezing a moment in time behind your lens. All forms of art play a role in story telling or providing thought provoking ideas and meanings. I like to create those moments.

DV: Why did you choose the Vinylmation canvas to paint on?
AS: Why not? Who doesn't love Mickey! lol The Disney name and characters that have been produced by are iconic. Durning any era in time Mickey Mouse has been a house hold name. The character in itself is relatable and I think people like things they can identify with. When a person can identify with the character underneath the art custom piece it makes it all the more special in a sense that, it's art on top of an everlasting figure in time.

DV: Tell us about the Davy Jones custom?
AS: The Davy Jones custom took about 3 days to sculpt, paint and dry. I think the challenging part with any custom is to make sure if you as the artist are happy with the piece and then doing a double check to make sure you have no spots untouched. :) Our company Murderous Toyz really focuses on horror figures and the so-called villains. Yes we do the "good guys" too but most of the time it's the villain's that have the challenge component of making that ominous look and feel. Davy Jones is a great character from Pirates of the Caribbean because he is a great looking villain with lots of fun challenging sculpting dimensions.

Here is Anna's contact info. Please click over there and view her other work:

Anna & Christian Sheppard - Murderous Toyz
Facebook: Murderous Toyz

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